RD – Artist Statement(s)


:: artticova  (1999 – CURRENT) ______________________________


The consensus of the world is that artworks are more valuable when they contain the artist's signature. From that thesis, I decided to make artworks containing only signatures and/or parts of signatures.


My art signature is the foundation and the focus in my body of work entitled, “Artticova”.

My art signature consists of the two letters ‘RD’ that will be used in whole and/or in part, in singular and/or in multiples, within the work.

Artticova is about observing, questioning, illuminating, and commenting on the practice of adding value to or with one’s signature in the art world as well as in other fields or worlds.

Why is something more valuable when it contains a signature?

:: A SMALL MATTER OF TIME  (1999 – 2017) _____________________________

A Small Matter Of Time is about my real or imagined or dreamed or daydreamed conflicts or struggles or battles or wars involving clocks or time; encompassing multiple simultaneous clashes with the past, the present, and the future; even though I know the past is over and the future has not occurred, they keep provoking me.

:: AFTER GLOW AFTER THE ENERGY  (2002) _______________________________

After Glow After The Energy is about my being in an ocean of battle with unnamed enemy. It is a struggle that continues for months and years. When the battle is finally over, it does not matter if I have won or if I have lost, the ocean leaves its residue of energized after glow enveloping me.



* Good new art may not look like art.  Inspiration doesn't follow style.  It creates it.